Sunday, 28 February 2010

Unravel 2010

What is it about going to Knitting events? Why can't I go along enjoy the show and not spend money? Why am I always drawn to the softest most gorgeous coloured yarn?

Unravel 2010 was on this weekend at the Farnham Maltings. I went last year: it was good in 2009, but they outdid themselves this year. It was more than double the size in terms of stalls available. In addition to the regular yarns stalls, there was crochet, weaving, buttons, dyeing, final year graduate displays, spinning, a knitting competition, tea and cakes, a place to just sit and chat, classes, talks, etc. There was the usual friendly hubbub: I think it's great that when you go to knitting events, people are generally polite - even when they are trying to get their hands on the same stuff as you...

Remembering that last year, stall holders only accepted cash, I made a point of going to the cash machine before I went. I set myself a budget, and figured that at least I was exercising some control. If I was really trying, I wouldn't have gone in the first place, huh? Well, I saw this fabulous cashmere yarn which had been organically hand dyed by Elizabeth Beverley (no online presence). I couldn't leave it last year, and I didn't leave it this... Budget busted with one purchase.

Plant Dyed Knitting Wool from Elizabeth Beverley, 100% Cashmere in Madder, 180m/50g:

Whilst I didn't get the this one from Unravel, I couldn't resist it either. It's so silky with a soft sheen...

Handmaiden Fine Yarn, Sea Silk in Ivory, 400m/100g: