Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Fresh Start

This is my first post. I am new to blog writing, but not new to reading other people's blogs. Although I love to knit and to read about knitting, I have other interests so this will not be a blog exclusively about knitting. I am currently lacking a digital camera - ok, my existing camera isn't working. But I'm working on either getting it fixed or getting a new one, so this blog will have pictures soon.

I have joined the Mystery Stole 3 knitalong [KAL]. (Image from the Yahoo MS3 KAL group site). I
have not done a KAL before, and am really excited about being part of a very large international community of knitters working on the same project at the same time.

I had some difficulty with my original yarn choice , a 4/56NM 100% silk in Silver Grey. But this was more about my own lack of knowledge about NM numbers rather than anything being wrong with the yarn. I was able to return the yarn and Richard gave me a full refund. Since I want this project to come out as perfect as possible, I decided to stick with the designer's specified yarn and beads.

I am reading the Yahoo group posts regulary. I love looking at all the swatches that people have posted: the different yarns and colours chosen; the choice of bead, complimentary or contrasting; whether or not people have practised adding their beads, and if so where they have placed them. I have just blocked a swatch that I am happy with in Vanilla Zephyr with crystal rainbow beads. I think EVERYONE has put their beads in a different place! Some have put loads, and some (like me) very few. That could be laziness on my part though... I can't wait to see what the pattern calls for.

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